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The Core of our company.

Our employees are the most important potential in our company. Your know-how is irreplaceable. When it comes to implementing creative ideas and handling orders professionally, this team is almost unbeatable. We have a dedicated team of qualified specialists, creative minds, lateral thinkers and optimizers at your disposal. In short: professionals who know what to do and what is important. With enthusiasm and empathy for the needs of our customers, we tackle every task and only settle for the optimal solution. A family atmosphere, an open and honest working atmosphere, optimal working conditions. The consequence of this? A highly motivated team for the benefit of our customers.

Konrad Zöller

Fon +49(0)7305 9661-16
Fax +49(0)7305 9661-17

Gisela Zöller

Fon +49(0)7305 9661-30
Fax +49(0)7305 9661-17